Why Green Energy Science?

    The issue of energy lies at the heart of the global challenge of sustainable development. As estimated by the World Energy Council, 36 trillion US dollars of global investment are required in the energy sector by 2050 in order to maintain economic growth and create clean energy solutions. To meet the growing demand of professionals in the energy sector, in particular in Hong Kong and mainland China, the BSc in Green Energy Science program is designed to prepare undergraduate students with multidisciplinary knowledge and skills for a successful career, such as in energy firms, government, consultancy and cutting-edge research. Graduates from this program can be eligible to become globally-recognized Certified Energy Manager (CEM), with employability by international corporations around the world.

    Certified Energy Manager (CEM): The Mark of an Energy Professional


    For more information about the professional certification program for Certified Energy Manager, please go to the official webpage at,



    Energy: where the research, job and business opportunities are?


    Opportunities around the world

    Horizons, a popular TV business program by BBC, has been running a special series on energy, which provides great insight into the global energy challenge and the business opportunities for creating clean energy solutions. If you are interested to find out more about the cutting-edge research and the wide variety of job opportunities in the green energy sector. Episodes 2, 3, 8 and 11 may be of particular interest to prospective students of the Green Energy Science program.


    Opportunities in Hong Kong

    Locally, a possible outcome of the six new priority industries is an area of Green Technology. Hong Kong government has also specifically put “Energy & Renewable Energy” as a major boosting sector in her department of InvestHK for creating business opportunities. Anthony Tan, former CEO of the Hong Kong Science

    & Technology Parks has said that Green Technology and Energy is a very hot area and will recruit more and more manpower in the future (news) (YouTube clip).


    Moreover, the CLP Group and HK Electric have piloted to commercially generate renewable or green electricity, such as solar energy and wind energy . Further, the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department has successfully developed and will fully implement the first-ever hydro-powered electricity system in Hong Kong.