The Department of Physics offers a BSc (Hons) degree programme in Physics and Green Energy for all incoming Science students. 

    Aim: Our programme trains students in conceptual physics and its real-world applications with options in 
    (i)   Applied Physics Concentration OR
    (ii)  Energy Management and Technology Concentration

    Flexibility in programme design

    - academically oriented students can opt for the AP concentration.
    - vocationally oriented students can opt for the EM&T concentration.    
    - talented students can engage in  advanced materials and biological physics research which are 2 niche areas of research in our Department

    The programme trains students in the basic principles and technologies associated with energy production, conservation and utilization. In addition, students will be exposed to critical issues associated with existing energy usage, including socio-economic concerns, environmental remediation, and sustainability of alternative energy production. The training covers three key components: 

    (i) fundamental science,
    (ii) technology, and
    (iii) social perspectives.