Careers Prospects


The program trains students in the basic principles and technologies associated with energy production conservation and utilization. In addition, students will be exposed to critical issues associated with existing energy usage, including socio-economic concerns, environ-mental remediation, and sustainability of alternative energy production. The training covers three key components:
(i) fundamental science,
(ii) technology, and
(iii) social perspectives.




Graduates can look forward to career path in a wide range of companies and government agencies.


  1. Energy firms (e.g. oil and gasoline, electricity, natural gas)
  2. Construction firms (e.g. energy-efficient building design, carbon-neutral design)
  3. Government (e.g. regulatory agencies)
  4. Finance (e.g. energy investment analysis)
  5. Consultancy (e.g. energy resource planning and pricing)
  6. High-tech companies and research institutes (e.g. R&D work on new material and device for renewable energy)
  7. Further studies: MSc, MPhil, PHD
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