Careers Prospects

The BSc (Hons) in Physics and Green Energy Programme provides students training in
  1. Conceptual physics, 
  2. Lab and computer skills
  3. Specializations in 
         -- Applied Physics or 

         -- Energy Management  and Technology

Graduates can take up potential careers in any of these areas. 
Some examples:

  1. Further studies in physics, engineering, and applied technology
  2. Science/Engineering/Sales of solar cells, illumination devices, batteries and fuel cells
  3. Energy Management and Consultants Companies --- over 100 companies are listed under the HK Government EPD webpage.
  4. Utilities (Electric / Gas companies)
  5. Government / NGO bodies – e.g., Buildings and Services Department, Hong Kong Jockey Club


Graduates can look forward to a career path in a wide range of companies and government agencies.


  1. Energy firms (e.g. oil and gasoline, electricity, natural gas)
  2. Construction firms (e.g. energy-efficient building design, carbon-neutral design)
  3. Government (e.g. regulatory agencies)
  4. Consultancy (e.g. energy resource planning and pricing)
  5. High-tech companies and research institutes (e.g. R&D work on new material and device for renewable energy)
  6. Further studies: MSc, MPhil, PHD


 Professional Certification

  1. Working with the Association of Energy Engineers Hong Kong Chapter (AEEHK)
  2. Taking courses related to Energy Management
  3. Students / graduates can 
    (a) take courses from either (i) HKBU, or (ii) AEEHK
    (b) take exams from AEEHK and get certification as a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) which has world-wide recognition.