GDSC1017: Science and Technology behind the Movies (3 units)

GDSC1017: Science and Technology behind the Movies

Course Aims:

In this course, a descriptive approach will introduce students with little or no science background to concepts of physics that considerably overlap other disciplines and impact societal issues; the concepts and analyses will enable them to develop well-informed opinions and decisions in business, in public policy-making, in communications, in visual arts, in daily life, etc.  This course will also cover some topics of major global issues such as energy, space, modern communications, nuclear weapons and climate change. Students will learn the most essential facts and ideas, the key concepts that will help them make better decisions and judgements in these issues.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs):


Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:


Cite and describe the basic principles of physics as they relate to daily issues in business, communications, public policy and international relations.


Explain scientific information or reports relating to public policies or business decisions.


Discuss current affairs relating to physics and technologies using pertinent language and scientific reasoning.

Course Content:


Planet Earth, Mother Nature


Essentials of Modern Living


Environment and Climate: the Human Impact


Our Cosmic Past and Our Threatened Future





Classroom instant feedback exercises (e.g. using iQlickers) (15%)
Group Report (30%)
Assignments (25%)
Tests (exams) (30%)