Welcoming Speech from Program Director


Prof Zhu Furong
Program Director

You have made the right choice in your career development in taking up an interest in Green Technology (Energy). Energy has become a dominant issue in current times in that sustainable energy usage and the environment directly affect both our quality of life and the success of our economy. In this regards, there will be great changes in the way we need to shape the future of our life style and of our work place. Our program focuses on prevailing alternative energy technologies as well as socio-economic consequences in their implementations. To this effect, we are targeting a wide spectrum of graduates interested in developing these two disciplines.


Apart from courses provided by Department of Physics, students in our program can also select electives offered by other departments. This helps students to diversify in areas such as environmental management that is also integral to our program. As you read the program material, you will discover we have laboratory based course and projects. Here, students get the chance to experience team work in our research laboratories to horn hands-on and problem solving skills. These skills will be put into practice with the summer internship we have in place for our students.


The prospects of learning in an international university and to further your study in a promising career, I look forward to having you joining our university and our program.