Energy Management and Technology Concentration

This concentration is aligned with the international certificate program, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), in collaboration with the Association of Energy Engineer Hong Kong. Students can obtain global CEM certification after passing the CEM examination with appropriate working experience*. Besides in-class learning and projects, students also have internship opportunities (e.g., CLP, EMSD, Hong Kong Jockey Club), which will prepare them to be Green Energy professionals working in, such as energy audit and consulting, energy/utility companies, green building and energy conservation.

此項專修是和香港能源工程師協會合作,與國際能源管理認證(Certified Energy Manager, CEM)接軌的課程。 參加CEM考試合格後加上合適的工作經驗*,學生可獲得CEM的全球專業認證證書。 除了課堂學習和實踐項目外,學生還有與綠色能源相關的實習機會(例如中電,機電工程署,香港賽馬會等)。本專修的畢業生可成為綠色能源專業人士,從事能源審計和諮詢,能源/公用事業, 綠色建築和環保節能等工作。

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Applied Physics Concentration

This concentration provides analytical and practical knowledge and skills for students interested in pursuing a future career in technology development and application, innovation as well as research in advanced topics. Graduates will find employment in high-tech companies and industries, or continue post-graduate study in world-renowned universities.