Start-up companies in Physics

Spin-off company, Mat-A-Cell Ltd. founded by Dr. Zhifeng Huang (Physics) and Prof. Ken Yung (Biology), was granted by TSSSU (Technology Start-up Support Scheme for University, 2018-19) with HK$910K. Mat-A-Cell Ltd. will be devoted to commercializing the nanostructure-based medical devices (iSECnMs) for the differentiation of stem cells into functional cells without side effect of carcinogenicity, which are of urgent clinic demand for cell therapy to treat diverse incurable diseases. 

  1. The Department of Physics has filed many patents based on its research. Topics include advanced materials, energy and motion analysis. 
  2. Three spin-off companies were founded, supported by the governmental TSSSU scheme. Their focus is the development and marketing of technologies which were invented in our laboratories.

Booguu Technology Limited studies the bio-mechanics of physical activities for scientific discovery and commercialization - Prof. T.K. Cheung.

ANA Artwork Material Analysis Company Limited investigates Nano-probe for artwork material analysis - Prof. N. H. Cheung (2015 FITMI Outstanding Award, and the Gold Medal in Computer Sciences Category in the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, 2016).

Cathay Photonics Limited studies Anti-scratching optical coating - Prof. K. W. Cheah (the Grand Prix Award, the Gold Medal in the Industrial Processes Category, and the Special Award For The Invention, in the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, 2016).