Green Energy Science Students Attended World Energy Engineering Congress 2016 (September 21-23, 2016)

Wong Hoi Yan

It is my honour to attend the World Energy Engineering Congress in 2016. It was held in Washington, the District of Columbia, USA. I acquired advanced and latest knowledge on energy science technology, energy policy and energy management. And the new knowledge extended my understanding of green energy science and energy policy from school learning. During this congress, there is extensive experience and product sharing from different energy management experts, energy engineers and companies. The congress illustrated how the economic and market force, new technologies and industry trends together shape the customers and companies decisions on energy managements.

There are different events during the three days of congress, including Exhibition, Seminar Sessions and American Energy Engineer International Award Banquet. In the Opening Session, the concept of energy policy and how industry and energy management companies need to adjust their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission limit according to variable energy policies were very enlightening to me. Techniques and example learning from the seminar sessions and poster session in the exhibition hall also gave me the updated information about renewable energy and sustainable development. Some of the technologies and techniques are potentially useful in Hong Kong, e.g., an energy harvesting system from unconventional source developed by Bashar Masoud et al at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, the landfill gas project developed by Toyota factory and the JENBACHER Biogas Engines Power Generations.

Specifically, a new energy harvesting system was proposed by Baschar Masoud by converting the kinetic energy produced from the moving cars on street into electrical energy. The street bump first collected the vertical kinetic energy. This kinetic energy was next converted into electrical energy by the rack and pinion mechanism. Moreover, the landfill gas project from Toyota harvested gas from landfill. The landfill is located 6.5 miles away from the Toyota factory. It supplies part of the energy for the production of 10,000 vehicles per year and reduces 95 % of greenhouse gas emission from the landfill.

I believe that the broad knowledge gained from this WEEC 2016 experience will help my studies. I am much more ready to pursue a career in Green energy and environmental management. I believe the Association of Energy Engineer continuously acts as a good platform for people from different sectors of the green energy industry to share and exchange their knowledge of novel technologies, management techniques and policy.

Yiu Hoi Ting

The World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) is the world's largest energy conference and technology expo. It was my honor to attend WEEC 2016 and gained more knowledge from the world experts in all areas of the energy field, such as energy management, smart building systems and onsite generation, which are beyond my university study.

WEEC was organized by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). I knew this association after I took the professional training course taught by Hong Kong Baptist University and the HKAEE, which is aligned with the international Certificate of Energy Manager (CEM). From the CEM course, I learnt a lot, including the latest energy cost reduction techniques by improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings and the manufacturing industries, as well as some new engineering systems related to HVAC system, motor and boiler. The course opened my mind, nonetheless textbook facts and theories were never enough. That is why I was so excited about the opportunity to attend the WEEC, learning the cutting-edge technologies and management techniques from the industry experts.

During the three-day energy congress, I listened to several talks by different professionals related to renewable energy and energy management technologies. There were lots of congress participants from around the world, which clearly indicates that saving energy or the idea of “Go Green” is a global trend, and is essential to sustain the long-term health of Planet Earth. However, it was disappointing to know that only very few innovative technologies would be applicable for usage in Hong Kong. The reason behind this is that the congress was held in USA, which is located in a climate zone very different from Hong Kong, and the technologies showcased in the congress were mostly developed to tackle energy issues in USA. Therefore, I hope in the near future Hong Kong can hold such international congress to identify and tackle energy and environmental problems specific to Hong Kong.

As I intend to become a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) in my future career, WEEC 2016 provided a great opportunity for me to gain knowledge of the global energy issues, the latest green technologies and Inline practices from well-experienced professionals from different areas, in particular how energy managers or experts address their challenges in the real world. I am delighted to be able to attend several keynote talks and special events in WEEC2016. Through participating WEEC 2016, I broadened my perspective regarding energy-related issues. These experiences were really important and beneficial for me to develop my future career in green technology and energy management in Hong Kong.