Green Energy Science Students Attended World Energy Engineering Congress 2015 (September 30 - October 2, 2015)

LAU Ying Suet

The international energy congress - the 38th World Energy Engineering Congress 2015 (WEEC 2015) was held in Orlando, Florida this year. I am glad that I could attend this key conference programs and special events. It is a great opportunity for me to explore more in green energy field. As Chinese proverb says, it is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books. Throughout this trip, I learned lots of the up-to-the date information of green energy technologies which is important for my major in Green Energy Science.

Among different activities, conferences and exhibition were the most impressive in the WEEC 2015. In the Conference opening session, Alex Glenn who Florida State President for Duke Energy mentioned that solar energy, natural gas and nuclear energy are the major energy resources in Florida, USA. Due to the location criteria such as higher solar output, solar energy is a renewable energy and is also recommended to develop in Florida. It is not different for us to discover that the technology is advocated around Florida. A lot of the latest technology and solar energy products were displayed in the exhibition. Meanwhile, there were some green technologies, such as Wireless fixture control and 3MTM Sun control window film, for smart buildings in order to saving energy. The smart building design is important for Hong Kong which has dense commercial buildings. It seems to me that the exhibition was an excellent chance for me to broaden my horizons. Apart from green energy technologies, the energy management was also an important issue in the congress. A special Energy Managers Summit is one of conference program. In this conference track, the speakers shared many ideas of sustainable energy management system how to take a balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

As a student receiving the WEEC Scholarship, I really appreciate that my department and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) offer me this opportunity. The experience was important and useful for me to explore my own view on the development of green energy technology and energy management in Hong Kong. All in all, the trip encourages me to engage in the green energy industries in future.

Chan Yin Ling

It was my honor to attend the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC). The WEEC was held in Orlando, Florida, U.S. so I had an opportunity of going to the United States. I learnt a lot that related to my major - Green Energy Science and gained rare experience from this congress. The opinion and sharing of different experts, employers and exhibitors benefited and inspired me greatly about the energy issues.

There were different events in three days such as AEE annual awards banquet, talks on various energy topics and exhibition. The most impressive event to me was the opening session since it invited five speakers who played the decisive role in energy aspect to share their view and prospect on energy issues. David Friedman who is Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy stated that economy was important in energy issue. The solar energy price dropped half since 2008 and the LED price dropped 85% since 2009, it seems that we are moving closer to tackle the energy problem, but the truth is that we are far from done because we are facing big energy challenges. He also pointed out that thinking bigger and broader was a must to duel with energy problem. However, we cannot jump alone and partners are the key to duel with it, and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) provides a platform for different sectors working hand-in-hand.

The keynote speaker Dr. Condoleezza Rice who was the 66th United States Secretary of State stated that governmental problems were everywhere such as China, and the government should be a significant role to lead the cooperation between different sectors. Although new technologies and combination of energy mix can moderate the energy problem, Dr. Rice believed that education was indispensable since it not only changed the energy behavior of youth but also provided opportunities to poor kids in order to discover talent in energy aspect.

Besides keynote speeches, the exhibition was wonderful and broadened my horizons because there were numerous products and technologies that were popular in energy aspect and related to green energy such as solar panels and LEDs, and some of them were new to me such as energy recovery ventilation (ERV) and sun control window film. Although I was not familiar with those products and technologies, I learnt a lot through the explanation of exhibitors and they inspired my interest of it. In this exhibition, I felt that lots of people and companies put effort into research and development and it was one of the important parts to tackle the energy problem.

All in all, I gained knowledge that related to energy aspect and met many energy experts and exhibitors from WEEC, and these people really inspired me and broadened my horizon. And I believed that cooperation was extremely important to tackle the energy crisis and AEE as a platform for different sectors working together to change our world and make it better.