2019-2020 Final Year Project Titles

Prof. Kok-Wai Cheah

OEE803B, kwcheah@hkbu.edu.hk, ext. 7033

Optical simulation of narrow bandwidth colour filter (3/6 units)

Narrow bandwidth colour filter is a very useful filter in environmental sensing; for example, it is often used to detect presence of undesirable gases such as CO, N2O, and SO2. It is also used in astronomy to detect presence of water, O2 in other planets. This project aims to model new design on narrow bandwidth colour filters using new materials. The student will be learning how to use the model software and also exploring how new materials can be used to improve the filter performance. This project has industrial link with R&D company; Cathay Photonics – a spin-off company from HKBU.

Organic Laser (6 units)


We are doing research in organic laser; investigating new organic materials to generate laser. You will join an existing research group investigating the lasing property of organic materials. The student has to be a careful and patient person for this project. He/she will learn how to prepare samples, measuring their optical property and how to use high power laser.