2019-2020 Final Year Project Titles

Dr. Guancong Ma

SCT906, phgcma@hkbu.edu.hk, ext. 7095

Design, fabrication and testing of multiple-phase actively controllable membrane acoustics metamaterial units (6 units) - Student id: 16220838


In this project, we will try to design a metamaterial unit that can be switched between at least three states by electricity. A multi-phase metamaterial unit is the foundation of many intriguing functionalities, such as active beam forming, wavefield shaping, and even energy harvesting. Ideally, the three states shall have similar amplitude transmission coefficient, by different transmission phase. The transmission phases in the three states ideally shall cover 360-deg. The main idea is to use electromagnets to shift the resonant frequency of a thin piece of elastic membrane. We will use numerical simulations to guide our design. Prototyping will be done with 3D printing. Testing will be carried out using the impedance tube method.

Development of a 2D acoustic characterization platform (6 units)


Measurement of transmission, reflection, and absorption of materials or man-made structures is important for engineering and applications. The impedance tube method is a very reliable way for this measurement. However, it has the limitation of measuring only the normal incidence. To measure the acoustic properties with different incident angles, we need a 2D measurement platform. In this project, we will investigate and attempt to build such a platform, and characterize its performance experimentally.