2019-2020 Final Year Project Titles

Dr. Mau-hing Chan

OEE803C, mhchan@hkbu.edu.hk, ext. 5176

Project 1. Potable Water Generation from Air (6 units) - Student id: 16227972, 16223314


Project Descriptions:
With applications of the following components and devices,
• thermoelectric device;
• renewable energy source (eg., solar panel);
• innovation and technology components (eg., Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Bluetooth/WIFI, Personal Mobile Device and Mobile Apps); and
• 3D printing for prototype development,
this project aims to develop commercial products to extract potable water from air (Fig. 1).

Applications of Project Commercial Products:
• Extract potable water from air where fresh/drinking water is not available in some rural areas; and
• Take moisture out of air (or simply dehumidifier).

Collaboration Opportunity:
This project will be implemented and collaborated with a team of international students from Nepal and Malaysia [currently studying in BBA(Hons) Entrepreneurship Concentration], and mainland students [MSc in Green Technology (Energy)]. In addition to science and innovation technology knowledge, we hope that students can also gain practical experience in commercializing products with entrepreneurial mindset.

Fig 1. Generation of water from air.

Project 2. Innovation Technology PV Panels (6 units) - Student id: 18208673, 16224841


Project Descriptions:
This project aims to retrofit traditional photovoltaic (PV) panels with applications of innovation and technology (I&T) components such that PV panels become smart. The I&T components include mobile Apps & personal mobile device, microcontroller (eg., Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit), Bluetooth/WiFi modules, IoT platform, camera, and ambient sensors. The objectives of I&T PV panels are i) to engage people in green energy activities and (ii) to allow PV panels to implement self-performance evaluation for higher energy collection.

Fig 2. Schematic diagram of I&T PV panel.