2018-2019 Final Year Project Titles

Prof. Kok-Wai Cheah

OEE803B, kwcheah@hkbu.edu.hk, ext. 7033

(1) Study electrical and optical properties of transparent conducting oxide films; (3-unit) Student ID:15216446

This project aims to investigate various types of carbon-based thin film that can have better electrical conductivity, transparency in the visible range and mechanical robustness. Student will learn how to fabricate the thin film using sputtering technique and investigate their electrical, physical and optical properties such as hardness, and transmission. This project has industrial link with R&D company; Cathay Photonics – a spin-off company from HKBU.

(2) Quantum dot/organic hybridLED (3/6-unit) Student ID:17209110, 17209080


Quantum dot/organic hybrid LED is one of the hot display light sources being researched into. In this project, we will fabricate the quantum dot/organic LED (QDOLED). The student will learn how to make QDOLED, investigating emission and electrical properties of the QDOLED. This project is in part sponsored by TCL R&D group.