2017-2018 Final Year Project Titles

Prof. Kok-Wai Cheah


(1) Study electrical and optical properties of transparent conducting oxide films; 3-unit

Transparent conducting oxide film is being used in all the flat panel and mobile device display. For example, it is used in LCD and AMOLED displays. It is also being used in solar cell. The advantage is that it is transparent therefore the display can be seen through it yet it is electrically conducting so it is used as pone of the electrodes. Most common transparent oxide used is Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).

This project aims to investigate new types of transparent conducting oxides that can have better electrical conductivity, more transparent in the visible range and more robust against UV radiation. The last requirement is very important for solar cell application. Student will learn how to fabricate thin film of these transparent conducting oxides and investigate their electrical and optical properties such as resistivity, and transmission.

(2) Making a transparent organic LED; 3/6-unit


Transparent display has very interesting application potential; it can be used in car, in overhead display and large window dressing in big flagship stalls like LV, Gucci and Apple store. In this project we will investigate how we can fabricate transparent organic LED (OLED) that eventually leads us to produce transparent display. To make an OLED transparent, the most important parts are the electrodes. They have to be transparent too. At the moment, one of the electrodes is made from aluminum. This project aims to replace aluminum with semi-transparent Ag mixed metal. The student will learn how to make OLED, investigating transparency and the electrical conductivity of new electrode materials. Then finally put the transparent OLEDs together forming a colour display unit.