2017-2018 Final Year Project Titles

Prof. S.K. So


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Electrical characterization of flexible solar cell materials (3 or 6-unit project) - Student ID: 14217376


Solar cells absorb photons in the visible range and convert them into electricity. Traditionally, solar cells are constructed from semiconducting silicon. Such solar cells are generally bulky and inflexible. Novel solar cell materials are now emerging to achieve portability and flexibility. Some examples are plastic solar cells or perovskite solar cells. To improve the performance of these solar cell materials, their electrical properties must be measured reliably. This project will employ one or more electrical characterization techniques (e.g. capacitance or transistor method) to measure the conductivities of flexible solar cell materials. Student will learn different experimental and engineering skills, including sample fabrication, optical and electrical characterization, and some device modeling.

This project can take 2 students.

Nuclear and Particle Physics, S.L. Kakani, 539.7K123N2008