2018-2019 Final Year Project Titles

Prof. Furong Zhu

SCT902, frzhu@hkbu.edu.hk, ext. 5867

(1) Light intensity dependent photovoltaic characteristics of organic solar cells (3/6 Unit) Student ID:16227239


Organic solar cells (OSCs) have been under intensive studies, due to their attractive properties such as large scale, low cost, lightweight. This project aims to explore the carrier generation, recombination and collection efficiency in OSCs by measuring light intensity dependent current densityvoltage (J V) characteristics of the cells. The results of light intensity-dependent J V characteristics of OSCs allow studying the carrier extraction property, the energy loss during the charge transport and transfer via different charge recombination modes. The trap-assisted recombination can be analyzed using light intensity dependent fill factor characteristics of the cells. The effect of device configuration on charge collection efficiency and hence the device performance will also be examined.

(2) Near-infrared organic photodetectors (3/6 Unit)


Near-infrared (NIR) light detection has many important applications in thermal imaging, night-vision, security and wellness monitoring systems. The project involves the studies of electric, optical properties of organic semiconductor materials, device physics and characterization. The aim of this project is to identify the key issues and problems controlling the sensitivity of the NIR organic photodetectors. The final year research project comprises two components: (1) study the work principles of organic photodetector and phototransistor for NIR detection, and (2) measure and also analyze the photoresponsivity and photosensitivity of two different types of NIR light detection devices.