2017-2018 Final Year Project Titles

Dr. Zhifeng Huang


(1) Engineering surface wettability (3 unit) - Student ID: 15213250


We need a “smart” surface. When windows in high buildings are non-wettable (i.e., hydrophobic), windows will become self-cleaning with rain and not to be cleaned by workers. When solar cell panels are hydrophobic, the self-cleaning surface will not be attached with contamination particles, so as to reduce optical scattering loss and improve photon-to-electron conversion. When windscreens become wettable (i.e., hydrophilic), it isn’t prone to fog up.

In this project, you will coat surface with diverse coatings to engineer surface wettability. Diverse characterization will be operated to understand the engineering principle, in terms of material, coating structure and surface energy.

(2) Hand-powered paper centrifuge (3/6 unit) - Student ID: 15211835


In a global-health context, commercial centrifuges are expensive, bulky and electricity-powered, and thus constitute a critical bottleneck in the development of decentralized, battery-free point-of-care diagnostic devices. In this project, you will assemble an ultralow-cost, lightweight, human-powered paper centrifuge to separate some mixture solution samples, for example, pure plasma from whole blood. Refer to “Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2017, DOI: 10.1038/s41551-016-0009”.