2018-2019 Final Year Project Titles

Dr. Jack Ng


Electrodynamic Simulation for OLED (3/6 units) Student ID:17209129, 15214311, 15218767, 15215490


Organic light emitting diode (OLED) is a modern light source that has many advantages not share by the conventional light sources.

Many properties of an OLED can be theoretically modeled using classical electrodynamics. Examples include, but not limited to, the design of color filter and the calculation of emission spectrum. In this project, student will learn how to use classical electrodynamics to simulate or model OLED. They will learn a program written in MATHEMATICA to simulate the light transmission through the coating of an OLED. The commercial software Comsol Multi-Physics will also be employed to calculate the emission spectrum of an OLED.