2017-2018 Final Year Project Titles

Dr. Kin-yiu Wong


Simulating Green Biotechnology with Computers (3 units & 6 units)


Biodegradable light-emitting materials have been considered as promising next-generation electronic devices in green-energy technology. Investigating and understanding the origins of these light-emitting electronics at the molecular level in silico or via computer simulations should help us to invent and fabricate more efficient and brighter devices.

For a 3-unit project, (quantum) electronic-structure calculations would be performed to obtain the molecular structures and to compute the absorption and emission spectra of the biodegradable light-emitting materials, e.g., indigo, the dye for blue jeans.

For a 6-unit project, in addition to all the computational tasks, all the knowledge and hands-on experience for the 3-unit project mentioned above, the student would have a chance to study the famous legacy of Richard Feynman, i.e., Feynman’s path integral (who was a 1965 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics). The student would also use Feynman’s path integral to compute some internuclear quantum-statistical properties for the blue-jean-dye indigo (e.g., quantum tunneling, zero-point motion, and isotope effects).

Through this project, the student would learn the interplay between green technology and fundamental sciences (e.g., Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). Moreover, he/she would have hands-on experience in using some popular software on a supercomputing machine at HKBU.