2017-2018 Final Year Project Titles

Dr. Alex Mok


(1) Physics of Fusion Power (3 units) - Student ID: 15212807


Fusion power is said to be the ultimate source of energy. It would neither emit greenhouse gases nor produce hazardous radioactive materials. In this project, the student will study the basic physics of fusion processes and investigate the technological challenges and opportunities of fusion power. The student will also assess the prospects for generating power from confinement nuclear fusion.

Principles of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis, Donald Clayton, 523.8C579P
Physics of the Sun, Dermott Mullan, 523.7M911Px2010

(2) Physics of Nuclear Fission and Reactors (6 units)


In this theoretical project, the student will study the fission processes of some heavy nuclei using different nuclear models such as the liquid drop model and the shell model. He/she will also investigate the physics of modern nuclear reactors. The student taking this project should have obtained good grade in the course “Atomic and Nuclear Physics”.
Theory of Nuclear Fission, Hans Krapp and Krzysztof Pomorski, 539.762K864T2012