2018-2019 Final Year Project Titles

Dr. JX Fu

OEE803A, phyjxfu@hkbu.edu.hk, ext. 5157

Literature review: nanogenerators by harvesting energy from mechanical vibration (3 units) Student ID:16213521


Mechanical vibration is everywhere in our daily life. For example, wind (natural or man-made), vibration of bus or train and fluid flows. Nanogenerators recently has become a popular research area since they can harvest energy from mechanical vibration in a wide range of frequency. Meanwhile, nanogenerators have many advantages such as small volume and flexible usage. This project will overview the current development of nanogenerators in the aspects of electro-magnetic, piezoelectric and electrostatic energy converters.

Theoretical simulation of the electromagnetic properties of nanomaterials (3/6 units)


Nanomaterials play an active role in various fields such as solar energy harvesting, smart window (energy management), bio-detection and so on. This project is to simulate the electromagnetic properties of three dimensional metallic or insulating nanostructure arrays, using COMSOL software. For example, we can calculate the electric field around oxide coated Ag nanorod when applying a voltage.

Dielectrophoresis – a way to manipulate particles (6 units) Student ID:17211476, 17209072


In some bio-analysis processes, people need to separate different cells for identification study or capture proteins for detection sensitivity. Dielectrophoresis (DEP) is very effective in separating or concentrating cells, DNAs and proteins. The student will learn basic concept and fundamental physics of DEP. He or she needs to devote much time on experiments for frontier DEP research.