Announcement of the re-titled and expanded BSc (Hons) programme in Physics and Green Energy (3-Mar-2017)

HKBU has officially approved the re-titling and expansion of our BSc programme to BSc(Hons) in Physics and Green Energy from the original title BSc(Hons) in Green Energy Science (GES).

The effective implementation date is September 2018. As a result, there will be no impact for all current BSc Science students who joined HKBU on or before September 2016. Students who are already in BSc(Hons) in GES or students in Common Year 1 planning to select GES as majors will continue with the current BSc(Hons) in GES. Incoming JUPAS applicants in 2017 may take note of the new development as they are eligible to select the re-titled BSc as their major if they are admitted into the BSc(Hons) Science programme in Sept. 2017 under the JUPAS code: JS2510.

The re-titled BSc(Hons) programme in Physics and Green Energy can be viewed as an enhanced BSc programme offered by the Physics Department. The new programme embraces foundation physics and its applications in green energy. It underlines the significance of physics as a gateway to understand natural phenomena; it also addresses the educational needs of those who are genuinely interested in Physics and its applications to the real world. With the new BSc programme, the students will learn conceptual physics and green energy science. At the same time, two optional study routes are offered: (i) Concentration in Applied Physics, and (ii) Concentration in Energy Management and Technology. Academically-oriented students who wish to go on to graduate studies may take the Applied Physics Concentration whereas career-oriented students may take the Energy Management and Technology Concentration. Students may also switch from one concentration to another, as long as they satisfy the units requirement for graduation. The programme will be unique in Hong Kong as we are the only tertiary institution which specializes in the study of Green Energy in the context of physics. Furthermore, the BSc programme is also coupled with our well-developed M.Sc. programme in Green Technology (Energy) which can be a postgraduate study option for our BSc students.

Listed below are the descriptions for the two optional study concentrations:

Concentration in Applied Physics
The Applied Physics Concentration provides mathematical and theoretical skills that are essential for further study or technology applications. The upper level courses are designed to (i) strengthen analytical and experimental physics skills, and (ii) tackle applied physics problems in modern technology. Students who opt for this concentration will be ready to go on to graduate schools in the relevant disciplines or engage in careers in technology or industry.

Concentration in Energy Management and Technology
The Concentration in Energy Management and Technology caters for the career-oriented students. Additional courses on Green Energy technology are required, for example, renewable energy sources, energy storage, distribution and conservation, and energy management. Two upper level courses, Energy Management I and Energy Management II, have been developed which are aligned with the globally recognized Certified Energy Manager (CEM) programme under the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Our graduates can take the CEM exam offered by the AEE Hong Kong Chapter and become eligible for the CEM credential after some years of relevant working experience.

Further update for the new programme will be available in late March or early April 2017.

Programme Planning Team