2016-17 Secondary School Science Talks


In this coming 2016-2017 academic year, the Department of Physics at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) continues to offer a series of science talks to secondary schools. These talks are aimed for Form 4 to Form 6 students, in order to trigger and increase their curiosity, interest, and knowledge in science subjects. If your school is interested in hosting one or more of the talks, we will arrange our academic colleagues to come to your school to deliver the talks and interact with your students.


A list of a total of ten talks is listed below for your reference, in which the titles and the language options can be found. Please download the Reply Form (2 pages) that should be returned (email: ; fax: 3411-5813) to let us know your preferred talks (if any), dates and time for our arrangement.


We look forward to the fruitful interplay between our colleagues and your students during the visits to your school.



Science talks offered by HKBU Department of Physics for secondary school students

Speaker Title Language Option
Dr. MH Chan

Experience Sharing: HKPhO and Physics Enhancement Programme


Cantonese / English

Prof. KW Cheah

(1) Manned Space Programme (載人航天計劃)

(2) Solar & Exo-planetary Systems (太陽系及其他星系)

Cantonese / English

Dr. Alex Mok
The Grand Design of the Universe (宇宙的大設計)

Cantonese / English

Dr. KY Wong

What Can & What Would Physics Do for Biochemistry & Medicine? 


Cantonese / English

Dr. Jack Ng

The wonder in energy focusing (把能量集合到一點後可以做出神奇)

Cantonese / English

Prof. SK So

Flexible electronics


Cantonese / English

Prof. Michel Van Hove May We Change Nature, Or Must We Change Ourselves?


Prof. FR Zhu

(1) The future of lighting (未來的照明)

(2) Building integrated photovoltaics: power generating window glass 
     (光伏建築一體化: 會發電的窗戶玻璃)

Putonghua / English

Reply form for Secondary School Talks (2 pages)