Faculty Members

SHI, Jue - Associate Professor


B.S. in Physics at Zhongshan University, China, PRC

M.A. in Science Education,
Ph.D. in Biophysics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Postdoctoral in Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School



Contact: Rm. T922
Tel: (852) 3411-7037
Email: jshi@hkbu.edu.hk
Website: Center for Quantitative Systems Biology

My main research interest is to develop new and more effective cancer therapeutics and treatment strategies by understanding the quantitative mechanisms underlying variation in anticancer drug response in distinct cancer types as well as immune-cancer interactions that modulate various aspects of oncogenesis, metastasis and treatment response. My lab combines quantitative single-cell imaging, ensemble profiling and computational modeling of cellular pathway/network dynamics to uncover novel drug targets, new drug candidates, new immuno-oncology therapeutics and improved combinatorial strategies for cancer treatment. More broadly speaking, my lab aims to answer the fundamental question of how dynamics of signaling molecules and their associated networks/pathways control differential cellular response to specific environmental signals and stress stimuli, and apply the acquired mechanistic understanding to guide development of more effective cancer treatment.

Examples of current research projects include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Dynamics of anticancer drug response using novel 3D cancer organoid and spheroid models;

  2. Cytototoxic dynamics of Natural killer cells against distinct cancer targets;

  3. Development of new immuno-oncology drug and drug target through profiling immunomodulating traditional Chinese medicine.