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OEE803C,, ext. 5176


IoT Sensors for Smart Cities (3/6 units)

This project aims to explore applications of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors for smart 
cities. Application examples of IoT smart sensors in this project include: 

  • medical diagnosis (eg., spirometer); 
  • smart home; 
  • STEM education; 
  • smart sensors for household electrical energy consumption; 
  • smart light pole weather station; 
  • big data analysis of electrical energy consumption.


Examples of training, CV development, and career opportunities in this project include: 

  • internship in biosensing company at Hong Kong Science Park; 
  • student helpers for service learning; 
  • student helpers for STEM education (EDB and HKAGE); 
  • student helpers for virtual teaching and learning; 
  • student helpers for Research Impact Fund (RIF) project and public engagement 
  • activities; and 
  • student Helpers for rooftop solar photovoltaic project at HKBU campus. 

Depending on students’ interests and expectation, students can select any field(s) of study, or even suggest your study direction(s). 


Example of IoT Sensors for Smart Cities