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SCT921,, ext. 7258


Angular Distributions in Charmonium Decays (6 units) - Accepted Student ID: 19218753

Charmonium is the bound state of a charm quark and a charm antiquark. Ever since its discovery in 1974, the charmonium system has been an exciting and interesting area of research in particle physics. In this project, we propose to calculate the combined angular distribution of the final products in the decays of a charmonium state. The techniques employed here are model-independent and are based only on symmetry and the general principles of quantum mechanics. The student doing this project should be hard-working and have good analytical/math skills. Former project students have calculated the angular distributions for the decays of the 1D2 and 3D3 charmonium states and their results have been published.

Physics of Fusion Power (3 units)

Fusion power is said to be the ultimate source of energy. It would neither emit greenhouse gases nor produce hazardous radioactive materials. In this project, the student will study the basic physics of fusion processes and investigate the technological challenges and opportunities of fusion power. The student will also assess the prospects for generating power from confinement nuclear fusion. The student taking this project should have good math skills and good grade in the course “Atomic and Nuclear Physics”