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OEE803B,, ext. 7033


Optical simulation of narrow bandwidth colour filter (3/6 units)

This project aims to study the laser emission characteristics of plastic laser. Currently solid state lasers are fabricated from inorganic semiconductors such as GaAs. And it is very successful commercially, but, when it comes to integrated it into optical circuit and wearable electronics it is still bulky and costly. Since 1986 the invention of organic LED (OLED) there have been research efforts in using plastic as material for LED and laser. It is lighter, lower power consumption and easily integrated into optical circuit and wearable electronics.

In our research lab we have been investigating several types of plastic materials as laser device. This project is to join the research team and learn to characterise the laser property of some of these plastics. The student will learn how to prepare the plastic material into a proto-type laser, study its laser emission characteristics and also assist in exploring its potential application.

Capacity: 1-2 students