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SCT902,, ext. 5867


Near-infrared sensors and applications (6 units)

Project description:

High-sensitivity near infrared (NIR) sensors have a broad range of applications in environmental pollution detection, wellness, light communication, and security monitoring. The emerging organic electronics offer additional advantages such as large area, flexibility and solution-based fabrication process. In the practical application, the measurements of NIR often involve errors due to the influence of the background light during the day. It is of practical interest that such measurements can be done using visible-blind NIR photodetectors during the day, so as to minimizing the possible measurement errors by the ambient light. The students will study the device physics of a dual-mode organic NIR sensors. This FYP project comprises two components: (1) understanding the photoresponse of the NIR sensors, and (2) application of NIR sensors.

Capacity: 1-2 students