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Dr HUANG, Zhi Feng Jeffery

Dr HUANG, Zhi Feng Jeffery, 黃陟峰博士

Associate Professor

B.S. in Chemistry at Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
M.S. in Physical Chemistry at Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
Ph.D. in Science and Engineering of Materials at Arizona State
University, Tempe, AZ, USA
Postdoctoral fellow in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University
of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Current Research Interests

  1. Molecular electronics

  2. Current‐induced local heating in molecular devices

  3. Mechanic stability and reliability of molecular devices

  4. Fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials and nanostructures

  5. Bulk heterojunction solar cells

  6. Hydrogen storage

  7. Atomic force spectroscopy (AFM)

Selected Publications

  1. Z. W. Wu,# P. Li,# J. Zhao,# T. Xiao, H. Hu, P. Sun, Z. H. Wu, J. H. Hao, C. L. Sun, H. L. Zhang, Z. F. Huang,* and Z. J. Zheng,* Low-Temperature-Deposited TiO2 Nanopillars for Efficient and Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells, Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 2021, 8, 2001512 (2021).
  2. Zhao, J.#, Sun, P.#, Wu, Z.#, Li, J., Wang, X., Xiao, T., Yang L., Zheng Z.J.*, and Huang, Z.F.*. Titanium Nanopillar Arrays Functioning as Electron Transporting Layers for Efficient, Anti‐Aging Perovskite Solar Cells. Small, 2021,17(2), 2004778 (2021).
  3. Liu, J.#, Yang, L.#, Qin, P.#, Zhang, S., Yung, K. K. L., and Huang, Z. F*. Recent Advances in Inorganic Chiral Nanomaterials. Advanced Materials, 2021, 2005506 (2021).
  4. Yang, L.; Nandi, P.; Ma, Y.; Liu, J.; Mirsaidov, U.*; Huang, Z.*, Binary Chiral Nanoparticles Exhibit Amplified Optical Activity and Enhanced Refractive Index Sensitivity. Small, 2020, 16 (6), 1906048  (2020).
  5. X. Q. Wei,# J. J. Liu,# G. J. Xia,# J. H. Deng, P. Sun, J. J. Chruma, W. H. Wu, C. Yang,* Y. G. Wang,* and Z. F. Huang,* Enantioselective Photoinduced Cyclodimerization of a Prochiral Anthracene Derivative Adsorbed on Helical Metal Nanostructures, Nature Chem., 2020, 12: 551-559 (2020).
  6. L. Yang, J. J. Liu, J. H. Deng, and Z. F. Huang,* Chiral Nanoparticle-Induced Amplification in Optical Activity of Molecules with Chiral Centers, InfoMat, 2020, 2: 1216-1224 (2020).
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  8. Z. Y. Ni,# Y. M. Zhu,# J. J. Liu, L. Yang, P. Sun, M. Gu,* and Z. F. Huang,* Extension of Compositional Space to the Ternary in Alloy Chiral Nanoparticles through Galvanic Replacement Reactions, Adv. Sci., 2020, 7, 2001321 (2020).
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