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Dr TANG, Qianyuan

Dr TANG, Qianyuan, 唐乾元博士

Assistant Professor

B.Sc., Ph.D., Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.
Postdoctoral, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.
Research Scientist, RIKEN Center for Brain Sciences, Wako, Japan.

Current Research Interests

Dr. Tang's research leverages advanced computational and data-driven approaches to simplify complex biological systems and uncover the universal laws governing their behaviours. His interdisciplinary research program draws on computational, statistical, and mathematical techniques to analyze complex biological data. By utilizing large datasets and AI-based methods, Dr. Tang aims to better understand the underlying mechanisms of diseases and develop new treatments to improve human health. His research interests include:

2. AI for biomedical sciences

3. Protein evolution and dynamics

4. Complexity and criticality of biological systems


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Selected Publications

  1. Qian-Yuan Tang, Weitong Ren, Jun Wang, Kunihiko Kaneko, The Statistical Trends of Protein Evolution: A Lesson from AlphaFold Database. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 39(10), msac197 (2022).
  1. Qian-Yuan Tang, Kunihiko Kaneko. Dynamics-Evolution Correspondence of Protein Structures. Physical Review Letters, 127, 098103 (2021).
  1. Qian-Yuan Tang, Testsuhiro S. Hatakeyama, Kunihiko Kaneko, Functional Sensitivity and Mutational Robustness of Proteins, Physical Review Research, 2(3), 033452 (2020).
  1. Qian-Yuan Tang, Kunihiko Kaneko. Long-range correlation in protein dynamics: Confirmation by structural data and normal mode analysis. PLoS Computational Biology, 16(2), e1007670 (2020).
  1. Qian-Yuan Tang, Yang-Yang Zhang, Jun Wang, Wei Wang, and Dante R. Chialvo, Critical fluctuations in the native state of proteins, Physical Review Letters, 118, 088102 (2017).