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SIDHU, Ikhlaq

SIDHU, Ikhlaq

Visiting Chair Professor

Founding Director & Chief Scientist, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology
IEOR Emerging Area Professor Award; Adj. Full Professor - IEOR

PhD., Northwestern University Electrical Engineering
BS University of Illinois, Urbana, Electrical Engineering
Location: Etcheverry 4th floor, rm. 4117 and
1923 Gridiron Way, rm. 122 (Memorial Stadium)

Current Research Interests

Ikhlaq Sidhu, Chief Scientist, and Founding Director, Sutarja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, & IEOR Emerging Area Professor. A world-class expert in "real-life" technology innovation and leadership. Invented the technology used in Skype and other internet communications (over 60 patents). Started 4 new companies (3 still active). Academically trained, yet highly applied. Developed Data-X. Serves on many advisory boards. Created the Entrepreneurship & Technology area at the #1 public university in the world.


  1. The use of algorithms and data to support innovation and leadership, including the Berkeley Innovation Index, Berkeley Method of Innovation, and Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship.

Selected Publications

  1. Berkeley Innovation Index Concept Paper, Feb. 2016
  2. Best Practices in Performance Management, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 10/2013
  3. The US Postal Service, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 10/2013,
  4. Critical Success Factors in Mergers & Acquisitions, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 10/2013
  5. Human Genome Testing, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 10/2013
  6. SaaS – Owning your data in the Cloud, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 3/2013
  7. Affordable Care Act, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 3, 2013
  8. Internet Privacy, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 3/2013
  9. M&A Success Factors, Engineering Leadership White Paper 3/2013,
  10. Netflix II Case
  11. Self-Driving Cars, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 3/2013
  12. Offshoring, Lessons from Engineering Leadership, Technical Brief, 10/2012
  13. Brick and Mortar 2.0, Lessons from Engineering Leadership, white paper, 10/2012
  14. Business Model Release Cycles, 3/2013
  15. Sidhu, et. al, “Trends in Customer Loyalty Rewards Aggregation”, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 3/2012
  16. Sidhu, “K-12 Education in 2020″, Engineering Leadership White Paper, 3/2012
  17. Sidhu, et. al, “A Model for Global Engineering Leadership”, white paper, 11/2012
  18. Google’s Acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Fung Institute Case Library, UC Berkeley, Revision Date April 2012,
  19. Solyndra 2011 Case Study, Fung Institute Case Library, UC Berkeley, Revision Date January 2012,
  20. Suoranta, et. al, Value Estimates of Engineering Leadership Education, White Paper, May 2011
  21. Ikhlaq Sidhu, Andrew Lim, Max Shen, UC Berkeley Anoop Sinha, McKinsey & Company, Quantitative Technology Methods that can Improve Business Operations, CET Technical Brief, March 2011,
  22. Ho, Alexander, Broderick, Sidhu (PI), “Intellectual Property Strategies for New UC Berkeley Ventures: A Framework”, CET Engineering Leadership Technical Brief, 11-2010
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  24. Sidhu (PI) et. al, “The EV Battery Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges”, CET Technical Brief, 12/2009.
  25. Sidhu (PI), et. al, Technical and Business Challenges of Building an Electric Vehicle Sport Utility Vehicle (EV SUV), CET Technical Brief, 12-16-09.
  26. Sidhu (PI), et al,”Impact of Widespread Electric Vehicle Adoption on the Electrical Utility Business – Threats and Opportunities”, CET Technical Brief., 8/2009.
  27. Sidhu (PI), with T. Becker, et. al, “Electric Vehicles in the United States: A New Model with Forecasts to 2030”, CET Technical Brief, 8/2009.
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  29. Sidhu, et. al, “Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Rollout Strategy”, Global Venture Lab, Technical Brief, 2008.
  30. Sidhu, et. al, “Electric Power Supply Distribution for Electric Vehicle Operations”, Global Venture Lab, Technical Brief, 2008.
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  32. Sidhu, I., et. al, “Policy Brief: Procuring Innovation at Transportation Public Agencies”, Commissioned Study for State of California, Dept. of Transportation, 2008.
  33. Sidhu, I., et. al, “Report on Education and Globalization”, College of Engineering, University of Illinois, Fall 2004.
  34. Sidhu, “Multiplexing Policies and Admission Control for High Speed Networks,” Northwestern University, 1995. (dissertation, hardcopy).
  35. Sidhu, Bezaitis, “Eat or be Eaten”, America’s Network Magazine, Nov 1, 1999.
  36. Sidhu and Mahler, Throughput Requirements of an Internet Access Router”, International Engineering Consortium , 1996. (hardcopy).