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Topic: Webinar on Careers

Date: 13 Apr 2021 (Tue)
Time: 18:00-19:00

1. Dr. Martin Ma
2. Miss Hoi-yan Wong

About the Webinar 
Two alumni from Physics Department have been invited to share their career and job hunting experience with 
students from the Department of Physics. Dr Martin Ma is from the graduating class of 2016 while Miss Wong 
Ho Yan from 2017 (BSc in Green Energy Science).  The sharing will be conducted primarily in Cantonese, but 
English will be intermittently used.  All who are interested in job hunting and career advice are welcome. 

Dr. Martin Ma 
Dr. Ma Lik Kuen (Martin) is an engineer in the Energy sector of Nano and Advanced Materials Institute 
Limited (NAMI).  He works on the R&D of impact energy and acoustic absorption materials. He received a 
Ph.D. in 2020 from HKUST.  His Ph.D. research was related to the chemical and physical properties of organic 
solar cell materials.  During his study, he participated in many international scientific events and obtained many 
presentation awards from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. He received his BSc with 1st Class Hons in 
Green Energy Science from HKBU in 2016.  In BU, he joined the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 
Program 2015 where he started his very first scientific research work under the supervision of Prof. So Shu 
Kong. His FYP thesis was named in 2016 as the best thesis by the HK Institute of Engineers under the 
Materials Division. 

Miss Hoi-yan Wong  
Yan obtained a bachelor's degree in Green Energy Science at HKBU in 2017.  She was an exchange student in 
Austria and attended the 2016 World Energy Engineer Congress in Washington DC. “Physics department 
encourages me to gain overseas experiences, but also helps me lay a basic foundation of energy management 
and science study.” She has over 4 years of experience in the field of renewable energy and environmental 
management. She is currently working as an environmental protection inspector in the Environmental 
Protection Department, and is responsible for conducting and overseeing compliance inspections under various 
environmental legislative requirements. Previously, she was an officer and team leader at a public trade 
company which offers broadband network service. There, she was in charge of energy and environmental 
audits, and consultancies, educational and environmental programmes coordination. 

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Topic: Application for Postgraduate Studies

Date: 19 Feb 2021 (Fri)
Time: 16:30-17:30

1. Prof. Furong Zhu
2. Dr. Liang Tian

MSc in Green Technology (Energy) and MSc Fellowships
Prof. Furong Zhu (MSc Program Director)

MSc in Green Technology (Energy) Programme provides our graduates for a career in the science and technology of energy management, sustainable energies and renewable energy technologies. It is highly interdisciplinary and covers various areas in renewable energy science and technologies, energy management, environmental monitoring as well as social studies. The students will enjoy multidisciplinary and collaborative research covering various areas in renewal energy technologies, energy efficient lighting, environmental monitoring, energy management and energy economics, making them more competitive in their career endeavour.

MSc in Green Technology (Energy) is an approved Programme under UGC's Targeted MSc Programmes Fellowships Schemefor. The MSc Programme will provide MSc Fellowships ($67,900/per fellowship) for qualified local students pursuing one-year MSc studies. For more details of the MSc in Green Technology (Energy) Programme, please visit the following webpage:

Dr. Liang Tian (Year 4 tutor) will introduce the information and application procedure for the postgraduate (MPhil and PhD) programs in Hong Kong. 

Dr. Liang Tian is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics, and also the year 4 tutor. He is a statistical physicist by training, with expertise in analytical calculations, modeling, and data analysis. His research encompasses a broad range of topics from statistical physics to system biology. Prior to joining Hong Kong Baptist University, he was a research fellow in the Channing Division of Network Medicine (CDNM) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

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Topic: Career Talk

Date: 29 Jan 2021 (Fri)
Time: 18:00-19:00

1. Dr Leo Cheung Chi Hang (2003 BSc in Physics), HK Productivity Council, for career advice and development
2. Mr. Kennie HUYNH Ka Chun (2020 BSc in GES), STEM instructor in high school, for job hunting experience

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1. Analyst Programmer (Post date: 9 Mar 2021)

2. Project Assistant (Part-time mode, programming and coding, for alumni) (Post date: 22 Jan 2021)

3. Project Assistant for Exceptionally Gifted Students (Administration and Lab Teaching Assistant) (Post date: 21 Jan 2021)

*The webpage and files are password-protected, please email to for requesting the login username and passwords.

Analysis of biosignal (Post date: 31 Dec 2020, Target Students: Year 3 and Year 4 Students)

A biosensor company is looking for students who are interested in internship opportunity. The details are as follows:

Internship Nature: Analysis of biosignals (eg., bio signals from spirometer).

  • Location: Science Park
  • Number of positions: 1-2
  • Availability: Immediately

Remark: If you are willing to learn hardware such as microcontroller, sensor signal conditioning, software programming (eg., microcontroller programming and mobile App development), this internship opportunity can become a full-time job.

Please contact Dr M.H. CHAN ( if you feel interested.

1. Sustainability Project Manager - Solar/Renewable Energy (Post date: 2 Apr 2021)

2. Senior Energy Manager (Post date: 1 Apr 2021)