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Recruitment of Software and Hardware Development Teams

A biosensor scientific company limited plans to employ 2 positions (1 for software and 1 for hardware) in December 2020 – January 2021. The work location is Hong Kong Science Park and/or Fotan. The applicants should have the following skills in software and hardware.

Your software and hardware development teams should have the following skills. 
Software Skills
-     Familiar with ARDUINO IDE;
-     C/C++ and Python programming in ARDUINO IDE;
-     Sensor interfacing programming and data acquisition; 
-     Experience in Apps development (Android Studio and Xcode);
-     Setup of Linux server or commercial data server for big health data storage and analysis;
-     Development and/or applications of Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, signal processing etc to handle and monitor human health; and
-     3D drawing and printing.

Hardware Skills
-     Familiar with microcontroller hardware;  
-     Familiar with wireless communications (eg., BLE and WIFI) and their protocols;
-     Experience in surface mount soldering;
-     Hardware in sensor interfacing;
-     Design of analog and digital electronics; 
-     Electronic circuits and PCB development;
-     Sensor signal conditioning and signal processing; and
-     3D drawing and printing.

Recruitment of PhD student / Research Assistant (RA)

The appointee is expected to conduct research work on the fabrication and characterization of helical nanomaterials and simulation of their unique chiroptical activity.

Applicants should have a relevant Master/PhD Degree in Physics, Applied Physics, Optics, Material Science, Engineering, or Chemistry with preferably work experience in nanomaterial fabrication and characterization, optical characterization, data capture and data analysis, and/or optical simulation. Strong background in nanoscience and technology are essential for the successful implementation of the project. He/She is expected to work in an interdisciplinary and inter-institute environment. 

For the application of RA position, the appointee will initially be offered a fixed-term contract of one year and is expected to commence duty ASAP. Re-appointment thereafter is subject to mutual agreement, and salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Please send CV to Dr. Zhifeng Huang ( ).