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Knowledge Transfer


Spin-off company, Mat-A-Cell Ltd. founded by Dr. Zhifeng Huang (Physics) and Prof Ken Yung (Biology), was granted by TSSSU (Technology Start-up Support Scheme for University, 2018-19) with HK$910K. Mat-A-Cell Ltd. will be devoted to commercializing the nanostructure-based medical devices (iSECnMs) for the differentiation of stem cells into functional cells without side effect of carcinogenicity, which are of urgent clinic demand for cell therapy to treat diverse incurable diseases.

Name of AcademicsCompany nameYear of Establishment
Prof K W Cheah (Director & CEO)Cathay Photonics Limited2014
Prof Jeffrey Cheung (Director)Booguu Company Limited2016
Dr Huang Zhi Feng (Director)Mat-A-Cell Limited2017
Prof Zhu Fu Rong (Director)Crimson Vision Technology Limited2019


USA/ European Procedure/ South Korea/ Japan/ Taiwan/ China/ Hong Kong Patents: Sapphire thin film coated flexible substrate

Prof CHEAH, Kok Wai, Dr. LI, King Fai, Dr. TAM, Hoi Lam, Dr. LEE, Ka Suen, Dr. LI, Guixin, Mr. LAM, Wing Yui, Mr. CHAN, Yu wai

USA / Taiwan Patents: Sapphire Thin Film Coated Substrate

Prof CHEAH, Kok Wai, Dr. LI, King Fai, Dr. TAM, Hoi Lam, Dr. LEE, Ka Suen, Mr. LAM, Wing Yui



USA patent: Tunable Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) Laser, Organic Laser for Measurement

Prof CHEAH, Kok Wai, Dr. LEE, Ka Suen, Dr. LI, Guixin, Mr. CHAN, Kin Long



USA patent: Nano Bi-material electromagnetic spectrum shifter

Prof CHEAH, Kok Wai, Dr. CHING, Suet Ying



USA patent: Fabrication of Highly-Flexible Near-Infrared Metamaterials, Highly Flexible Near-Infrared Metamaterials

Prof CHEAH, Kok Wai, Dr. LI, Guixin



USA patent: Rare Earth Doping of Porous Silicon

Prof CHEAH, Kok Wai, Prof. WONG Wai Kwok, Prof. GONG Meng Lian, ZHENG Wan Han


China patent: Synthesis and applications of hole-injecting p-phenylenediamine-substituted 9, 9'-dialkylfluorenes

Prof CHEAH, Kok Wai, Prof CHEN, Fred C H, Prof WONG, Ricky M S


USA patent: Silicon-based Ultra-violet Light Emitting Diode (Device)
USA patent: Silicon-based Ultra-violet Light Emitting Diode (Method)

Prof CHEAH, Kok Wai, Dr TAM, Hoi Lam, Prof WONG, Rick W K


Gold Medal with the Congratulations of Jury

 “Anti-scratch thin film coating on metal surface” by Professor Cheah Kok-wai, Chair Professor of the Department of Physics

The innovation is a thin anti-scratch film coated on a metal surface in a 3D design. It adds value to metal-based products such as watch cases and straps as it increases surface wear resistance without sacrificing their original appearance. Please click here for more details about the research.

Prof Cheah Kok WaiAnti-scratch thin film coating on metal surface


Silver Medal

 “Portable body motion analyser for elderly fall risk assessment” by Professor Jeffrey Cheung, Adjunct Professor of the Department of Physics

The analyser is a wearable and compact device that simplifies the gait analysis process with easy access to those gait parameters. The assessment test only takes five minutes. The collected data will then be associated with a user’s fall vulnerability with the help of the cloud and AI. This technology enables an efficient approach to caring for the elderly, who will benefit from the prevention of serious health risks. Please click here for more details about the research.

Prof Jeffery CheungPortable body motion analyzer for elderly fall risk assessment

Source: BEST Community News, HKBU