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Distinguished Lecture by 2016 Physics Nobel Laureate Prof Kosterlitz

The Department of Physics at HKBU brought Prof J. Michael Kosterlitz, the 2016 Physics Nobel Laureate to campus to present his scientific breakthroughs and research insights on 16 Jan 2017. The Department arranged a wide range of activities on the day, including a gathering with HKBU students and a Public Lecture by Prof Kosterlitz.

During the visit, Prof Kosterlitz met many faculty members and young researchers at HKBU. Students were excited to be with the inspirational physicist who shared his road to success and his feelings of receiving the Nobel Prize.

At the Public Lecture, Prof Rick Wong, Vice-President (Research & Development) of HKBU delivered an opening remark and expressed our sincere gratitude to Prof Kosterlitz. Prof Kosterlitz spoke on the topic “Topological Defects and Phase Transitions” and shared how he and Prof David Thouless, co-recipient of the 2016 Physics Nobel Prize, discovered the KT theory of transitions driven by topological defects in the two-dimensional world. The lecture attracted an audience of more than 250, including students and staff from local universities and high schools. Prof Roland Chin, President and Vice Chancellor of HKBU, presented a souvenir to Prof Kosterlitz at the end of his lecture and a bottle of wine on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the University.

Prof Michel Van Hove, Head of the Physics Department, announced reinstitution of the Undergraduate Physics Program at HKBU during introduction of the speaker, and thanked Prof Kosterlitz for his visit during this critical juncture of the Department.

浸會大學物理系於2017年1月16日舉行傑出學人講座,2016年諾貝爾物理學獎得主Prof J. Michael Kosterlitz應邀以「Topological Defects and Phase Transitions」為題,分享他的得獎研究和學術旅程,吸引了數百名學者、學生、校友及公眾人士出席。

Prof Kosterlitz介紹了他和Prof David Thouless如何運用拓撲缺陷這一抽象的數學概念來討論低維繫統的序和相變,解決了1970 年代困惑理論物理界的一個難題。理論進一步促進了奇異的宏觀量子現象的發現,讓世界對全新的物質展開全面探索。他亦寄語大家向不同的基礎研究和科研領域發展,發掘更多可能性。

Prof Kosterlitz亦於當天與理學院研究生會面,交流研究心得和得獎感受。 教授分享了他成為著名科學家的點滴,啟發學生培養對科研的熱情和憧憬,不盲目跟隨主流,學生反應熱烈,獲益甚廣。再次感謝教授到訪!


Prof Kosterlitz meets the Research Postgraduate Students at Science Faculty.
Prof Kosterlitz與理學院研究生會面交流。



More than 250 people including alumni, students and staff from local Universities and Secondary Schools attend the talk.



Prof Kosterlitz speaks on the topic “Topological Defects and Phase Transitions”.
Prof Kosterlitz應邀以「Topological Defects and Phase Transitions」為題演講。



President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin presents souvenir to Prof Kosterlitz.
錢大康校長向Prof Kosterlitz致送紀念品。