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Dr Liang Tian Awarded Young Collaborative Research Fund (YCRF)

Dr Liang Tian

Dr Liang Tian, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, and his research team received funding of nearly HK$2.7 million from RGC’s Young Collaborative ResearchFund (YCRF) to carry out a multi-disciplinary study of the pharmacological principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory using state-of-the-art big-data and AI technologies, and to foster a novel TCM-based network pharmacology that quantitatively predicts disease-herb associations.

He, in collaboration with Profs. Aiping Lyu and Leihan Tang, assembled an interdisciplinary team of local and international scientists from different fields, including physics, traditional Chinese medicine, data science, computer science, chemistry and biology. Two collaborating universities, City University of Hong Kong and University of Manchester, are engaging in the project.

The proposed research is in alignment with the establishment and development of Hong Kong’s first Chinese Medicine Hospital by HKBU. The project aims to provide a new perspective and objective basis for the diagnosis and treatment process of TCM and the knowledge fusion of TCM evidence-based medicine and modern biology. As TCM strives to become an integral part of global healthcare, the project will help better understand its working principles and integrate TCM with other treatment methods, thereby contributing to the wellness of people globally.


CRF 2022/23 Young Collaborative Research Grant (YCRG) Proposal

Proposal No.

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A novel TCM-based network pharmacology framework to human diseases and drug-disease relationship

HKBU / CityU





UGC CRF Funded Research 2022-23

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