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Dr Yuanyuan Zhou has been awarded the Innovation Award



Dr. Zhou Yuanyuan
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
Faculty of Science

“Next-Generation Semiconductors for Low-Carbon Energyand Urban Intelligence”
The massive need for semiconductors in the future world necessitates the innovation of cheaper and better alternatives. Dr. ZHOU Yuanyuan is investigating a new type of semiconductors called perovskites, which can be solution-printed at near ambient temperatures. One prominent application of perovskites is for creating high-performance low-cost solar cells with market-attractive flexible and semi-transparent features, reforming our impression of conventional solar panels. Zhou's research has targeted the major issues (scalability, stability, and Pb-toxicity) of perovskites in their current industrialization path, and it has also demonstrated enduring impacts on a range of other semiconductor technologies from LEDs to sensing and computing.
The HKBU Innovation Award
The HKBU Innovation Award is established in 2014.  It is sponsored by the University Grants Committee (UGC) Knowledge Transfer (KT) funding and the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) Promotion of Innovation and Technology funding, and administered by the Knowledge Transfer Committee (KTC) via the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO).  This Most Promising Innovation of the Year Award is awarded to an innovation resulted from the research outcome of faculty at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) for a given year, wherein said innovation is judged to be possessing the utmost innovative value along the criteria of:
  • Provide leadership contributions in key economic, social, well-being or environmental areas in serving the community;
  • Provide significant, sustainable positive impact and/or fundamental change for betterment of the community;
  • Provide exemplar contributions towards building the innovative strengths at HKBU;
  • Possessing the greatest potential to further raise HKBU’s good reputation globally.)