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Dr CHAN, Mau Hing

Dr CHAN, Mau Hing, 陳茂興博士


B.Sc., MPhil, Hong Kong Baptist University
M.Sc., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ph.D, City University of HK

Current Research Interests

Energy harvesting, smart and battery-less devices/sensors, and instrumentation

Selected Publications

  1. Carr Hoi Yi Ho, Sin Hang Cheung, Ho-Wa Li, Ka Lok Chiu, Yuanhang Cheng, Hang Yin, Mau Hing Chan, Franky So, Sai-Wing Tsang, Shu Kong So, "Using Ultralow Dosages of Electron Acceptor to Reveal the Early Stage Donor-Acceptor Electronic Interactions in Bulk Heterojunction Blends", Advanced Energy Materials 7 (12), 1602360 (2017).
  2. M.H. Chan, "Low-grade waste vibration energy recovery from Hong Kong franchised buses", International Journal of Green Energy 11(4), 431-437 (2014).
  3. Mau Hing CHAN, “DOAS and Solar Spectroscopic Measurements of Atmospheric Constituents: Principles, Inversion Algorithms, and Instrumentation”, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, (2011).
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