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Dr CHOI, Wing Hong

Dr CHOI, Wing Hong, 蔡永康博士


B.S., M.Phil., Ph.D. Hong Kong Baptist University


(852) 3411-7258

Current Research Interests

Organic/Inorganic flexible electronics, advanced display technology, thin-film photovoltaics, advanced manufacturing technology and process development.

Selected Publications

Book chapter

  1. W.H. Choi, and F.R. Zhu, “Optical Properties of Materials and Their Applications”, J. Singh Edition., Chap. 13 Transparent White OLEDs, P.373-402, John Wiley & Sons Ltd (2020).

International journals

  1. M.H. Lee, W.H. Choi, and F.R. Zhu, “Solution-processable organic-inorganic hybrid hole injection layer for high efficiency phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes”, Opt. Exp. 24, A592 (2016).
  2. H.L. Tam#, W.H. Choi#, and F.R. Zhu#, “Integration of transmissible organic electronic devices for sensor application” Electronics 4, 623 (2015). (# contributed equally to the work) (invited).
  3. Y.Q. Miao, Z.X. Gao, P. Tao, H.P. Shi, H. Wang, Y.H. Li, H.H. Jia, W.H. Choi, and F.R. Zhu, “Realization of ultra-high color stable hybrid white organic light-emitting diodes via sequential symmetrical doping in emissive layer”, Science of Advanced Materials 8, 401 (2015).
  4. W.H. Choi, G.P. Tan, W.Y. Sit, C.L. Ho, Cyrus Y.H. Chan, W.W. Xu, W.Y. Wong, and S.K. So, “Charge conduction study of phosphorescent iridium compounds for organic light-emitting diodes application”, Org. Electron. 24, 7 (2015).
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  6. Y. Chen, W.Q. Liang, W.H. Choi, J.H. Huang, Q.C. Dong, F.R. Zhu, and J.H. Su, “High thermal-stability benzocarbazole derivatives as bipolar host materials for phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes”, Dyes and Pigments 123, 196 (2015).
  7. W.H. Choi, H.L. Tam, F.R. Zhu, D.G. Ma, H. Sasabe and J. Kido, “High performance semitransparent phosphorescent white organic light emitting diodes with bi-directional and symmetrical illumination”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 153308 (2013).
  8. H.X. Liu, Z.H. Wu, J.Q. Hu, Q.L. Song, B. Wu, H. L. Tam, Q.Y. Yang, W.H. Choi and F.R. Zhu, “Efficient and ultraviolet durable inverted organic solar cells based on an aluminum-doped zinc oxide transparent cathode”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 043309 (2013).
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  11. W.H. Choi, C.H. Cheung, S.K. So, “Can an organic phosphorescent dye act as a charge transporter?”, Org. Electron. 11, 872 (2010).

Conference papers

  1. M.H. Lee, W.H. Choi, Z.H. Wu, Y.L. Lei, and F.R. Zhu, “An insight on solution-processed MoO3-PEDOT:PSS interlayer for application in organic light-emitting diodes”, OSA conference paper (2015). (invited)
  2. W.H. Choi, H.L. Tam, D.G. Ma, and F.R. Zhu, “Transparent white organic light-emitting diodes”, OSA conference paper (2014). (invited)
  3. W.H. Choi, and S.K. So, “Charge injection and transport in spiro-linked arylamine compounds”, Proceedings of SPIE 7415, 74151L (2009).