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Dr HU, Qian

Dr HU, Qian, 胡倩博士


B.Sc. North China Electric Power University (Beijing) & The University of Manchester
M.Sc. The University of Manchester
Ph.D. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


(852) 3411-5157

Current Research Interests

Distributed control and operation of smart grid and multi-energy systems, integration of distributed energy resources, transportation electrification, peer-to-peer energy trading mechanisms.

Selected Publications

  1. Q. Hu, Z. Q. Zhu, S. Q. Bu, K. W. Chan and F. X. Li, “A Multi-market Nanogrid P2P Energy and Ancillary Service Trading Paradigm: Mechanisms and Implementations,” Applied Energy, vol. 293, p. 116938, Jul. 2021. 
  2. Q. Hu, S. Q. Bu and V. Terzija, “A Distributed P and Q Provision Based Voltage Regulation Scheme by Incentivized EV Fleet Charging for Resistive Distribution Networks,” IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 2376-2389, Dec. 2021. 
  3. Q. Hu, S. Q. Bu, Z. L. Li, B. W. Zhou and D. S. Yang “Cost-Effective Communication Network Planning Considering Performance of Pinning Based Secondary Control in Microgrids,” International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy System, Volume 133, 2021, 107269. 
  4. Q. Hu, S. Q. Bu, “Economic Frequency Regulation Based on Nanogrid Partition and Cost-Driven Droop Function: Enable A Scattered Microgird,” 2020 International Conference on Smart Grids and Energy Systems (SGES), Perth, Australia, 2020, pp. 320-325. 
  5. Q. Hu, S. Q. Bu, B. W. Zhou and P. Zhang, “A Fully Distributed Multi-Stage Voltage Regulation Strategy for Distribution Network Based on Intelligent Bus Terminal Technology,” Distributed Energy, vol. 4, no. 6, 2019. 
  6. Q. Hu, H. Y. Li and S. Q. Bu, “The Prediction of Electric Vehicles Load Profiles Considering Stochastic Charging and Discharging Behavior and Their Impact Assessment on a Real UK Distribution Network,” Energy Procedia, Volume 158, 2019, Pages 6458-6465.
  7. Q. Hu, S. Q. Bu, S. W. Xia and H. Cai, “A Novel Voltage Regulation Strategy for Secure Operation of High Renewable Penetrated Distribution Networks with Different R/X and Topologies,” 2019 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies - Asia (ISGT Asia), Chengdu, China, 2019, pp 3424-3229.
  8. J. Q. Luo, S. Bu, J. X. Wen, Q. Hu, Y. Hu and Q. Wang, “Strong Resonance Investigation and Suppression in PMSG Integrated Power Systems,” The International Conference on Power, Energy and Electrical Engineering (PEEE), 2019.
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  10. J. X. Wen, S. Q. Bu, J. Q. Luo and Q. Hu, “Comparison of Two Coherency Identification Methods for Frequency Response Assessment on A Large-scale Power System with Fluctuating Wind Power Generation,” The 11th International Conference on Advances in Power System Control, Operation & Management (APSCOM), 2018.