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Dr WANG, Shu-jen

Dr WANG, Shu-jen, 王樹仁博士

Assistant Professor

BE (Hons), University of Auckland, New Zealand
PhD, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


(852) 3411-7036

Current Research Interests

Dr. Wang's research interests center around organic semiconductors for various device applications including thermoelectrics, organic biosensors, optoelectronic components. We aim to advance flexible electronic devices with organic materials by processing and device architecture development. We are also interested in the fundemental electronic and optoelectronic properties of emerging organic and hybrid semiconductors and make use of a range of experimental techniques to gain a thorough understanding of the carrier transport physics.

Selected Publications

  1. M. Sawatzki-Park, S.-J. Wang, H. Kleemann and K. Leo, "Highly Ordered Small Molecule Organic Semiconductor Thin-Films Enabling Complex, High-Performance Multi-Junction Devices", Chem. Rev., 123, 13, 8232–8250 (2023).
  2. S.-J. Wang, A. Kirch, M. Sawatzki, T. Achenbach, H. Kleemann, S. Reineke and K. Leo, “Highly crystalline rubrene light-emitting diodes with epitaxial growth”, Adv. Funct. Mater., 33, 2213768 (2023).
  3. S.-J. Wang, S. Wohlrab, H. Reith, D. Berger, H. Kleemann, K. Nielsch, and K. Leo, “Doped Organic Micro-Thermoelectric Coolers with Rapid Response Time”, Adv. Electron. Mater., 8, 2200629 (2022).
  4. S.-J. Wang, M. Sawatzki, G. Darbandy, F. Talnack, J. Vahland, M. Malfois, A. Kloes, S. Mannsfeld, H. Kleemann and K. Leo, “Organic bipolar transistors”, Nature, 606 (7915), 700-705 (2022).
  5. S.-J. Wang, M. Panhans, I. Lashkov, H. Kleemann, F. Caglieris, D. Becker-Koch, J. Vahland, E. Guo, S. Huang, Y. Krupskaya, Y. Vaynzof, B. Büchner, F. Ortmann and K. Leo, “Highly efficient modulation doping: A path towards superior organic thermoelectric devices”, Sci. Adv., 8, eabl9264 (2022).