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Dr MA, Guancong

Dr MA, Guancong, 馬冠聰博士

Associate Professor

M.Phil. and Ph.D., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
B. S. South China University of Technology

Current Research Interests

Acoustic Waves, Acoustic Metamaterials

Dr. Ma’s studies classical wave physics. His focus is on acoustic waves and elastic waves. The topics of interests include acoustic metamaterials, elastic metamaterials, phononic crystals, wavefield shaping, non-Hermitian wave system, etc.

Some of Dr. Ma’s research achievements are:

  1. The development of membrane-type acoustic metamaterials with various extreme properties;
  2. The development of resonant elastic metamaterials, in particular, the first experimental realization of the elastic property of fluid in fully solid composite materials;
  3. The first experimental observation of geometric phase of Bloch bands in acoustics;
  4. The first experimental study of high-order (>2) exceptional points in any physical system.
  5. Realization of the first “spatial sound modulators” capable of active re-shaping of complex sound field.

Selected Publications

  1. Yuanchen Deng, Wladimir A. Benalcazar, Ze-Guo Chen, Mourad Oudich, Guancong Ma, Yun Jing, "Observation of Degenerate Zero-Energy Topological States at Disclinations in an Acoustic Lattice," Physical Review Letters 128, 174301 (2022).
  2. ​Xu-Lin Zhang, Feng Yu, Ze-Guo Chen, Zhen-Nan Tian, Qi-Dai Chen, Hong-Bo Sun, Guancong Ma, "Non-Abelian Brading on Photonic Chips," Nature Photonics 16, 390 (2022).
  3. Tuo Liu, Shuowei An, Zhongming Gu, Shanjun Liang, He Gao, Guancong Ma, Jie Zhu, "Chirality-Switchable Acoustic Vortex Emission via Non-Hermitian Selective Excitation at an Exceptional Point," Science Bulletin 2022.
  4. Qiyuan Wang, Philipp del Hougne, and Guancong Ma, "Controlling the Spatiotemporal Response of Transient Reverberating Sound," Physical Review Applied 17, 044007 (2022).
  5. Weiyuan Tang, Kun Ding, Guancong Ma, "Experimental Realization of Non-Abelian Permutations in a Three-State Non-Hermitian System," National Science Review nwac010 (2022).
  6. Ze-Guo Chen, Ruo-Yang Zhang, C. T. Chan, Guancong Ma, "Classical Non-Abelian Brading of Acoustic Modes," Nature Physics 18, 179 (2022).
  7. Wei Wang, Ze-Guo Chen, Guancong Ma, "Synthetic Three-Dimensional ℤ×ℤ2 Topological Insulator in an Elastic Metacrystal," Physical Review Letters 127, 214302 (2021).
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† corresponding author; § equal contribution.