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Prof TANG, Lei Han

Prof TANG, Lei Han, 湯雷翰教授

Director, Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies
Associate Director, State Key Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Analysis (HKBU)

BSc (1981), University of Science and Technology of China
MS, PhD (1983, 1987), Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Elected Member of the American Physical Society (2010)
Member, ICAM-I2CAM Science Steering Committee (2020-)
Member, Asian Biophysical Association Steering Committee (2014-)

Current Research Interests

My main research focus is in the development of novel modeling methodologies and quantitative techniques to treat complex phenomena in physical and biological systems. Of particular interest is the emergence of spatiotemporal organisation and the associated functionality in natural and artificial systems. Ongoing research topics include:

  • Pattern formation in active liquid films
  • Collective oscillations in adaptive cell populations
  • Mattis-type order and slow dynamics in annealed glass systems
  • Agent-based model exploration for epidemic control

Selected Publications

  1. G Guan, M-K Wong, Z Zhao, L-H Tang, and C Tang, “Volume segregation programming in a nematode's early embryogenesis,” Phys. Rev. E 104, 054409 (2021).
  2. L Tian, XF Li, F Qi, QY Tang, V Tang, J Liu, ZY Li, XY Cheng, XX Li, YC Shi, HG Liu, L-H Tang, “Harnessing peak transmission around symptom onset for non-pharmaceutical intervention and containment of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Nature Communications 12, 1147 (2021).
  3. J Howard, A Huang, ZY Li, Z Tufekci, V Zdimal, H-M van der Westhuizen, A von Delft, A Price, L Fridman, L-H Tang, V Tang, GL Watson, CE Bax, R Shaikh, F Questier, D Hernandez, LF Chu, CM Ramirez, AW Rimoin, “An evidence review of face masks against COVID-19,” Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 118, e2014564118 (2021). 
  4. S Wang and L-H Tang, “Emergence of collective oscillations in adaptive cells,” Nature Communications 10, 5613 (2019).
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