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Talk on Wearable Biopotential Electrodes and Sensors for High-quality Healthcare Monitoring by Prof. Jianyong Ouyang

Prof. Jianyong Ouyang

On 10 February 2023, Professor Jianyong Ouyang gave a talk on wearable biopotential electrodes and sensors for high-quality healthcare monitoring. Over 100 onsite and online participants attended the talk. The talk was followed by vivid discussions.



Prof. Jianyong Ouyang received his PhD, master and bachelor degrees from the Institute for Molecular Science in Japan, the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Science, and the Tsinghua university in Beijing, respectively. His research interests include flexible electronics and energy materials and devices. He invented the first polymer-nanoparticle resistive memory, the first hybrid ionic/electronic thermoelectric converter, the first adhesive intrinsically conducting polymers and the first strain sensor for food processing monitoring in the world, observed the ductilization on polymers for the first time in the world, and continually reported world-record conductivities and thermoelectric properties of solution-processable intrinsically conductive polymers and world-record thermoelectric properties of ionic conductors. Prof Ouyang is also the Global STEM Professorship awardee.


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