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ZHU, Fu Rong

ZHU, Fu Rong, 朱福榮教授


B.Sc. Hons, M.Sc. (1983, 1987), Fudan University, Shanghai China
DPhil (1993), Charles Darwin University, Australia
MRS member since 1998

Rm. T902

(852) 3411-5867

Current Research Interests

  1. Thin film physics and surface science

  2. Electroluminescence and photovoltaic materials and device physics

  3. Oxide semiconductors and applications

Selected Publications

  1. Lina Hu, Shiqi Li, Longlong Zhang, Yifan Liu, Chenxi Zhang, Yukun Wu, Qinjun Sun, Yanxia Cui, Furong Zhu, Yuying Hao, YuCheng Wu, Unravelling the role of C60 derivatives as additives into active layer for achieving high-efficiency planar perovskite solar cells, Carbon (2020). 
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